ISP Primaria

ISP Primaria


In International Primary School Peniscola, the students aged 6 to 11 are educated. It is a space with self-identity in ISP because we step forward in the academic, social and emotional development in a friendly and homely atmosphere.

The International Primary School Peniscola is made up of six courses of Primary Education. Each course counts on a class teacher that teaches a great number of subjects, which has the advantage that the tutor of the group knows the students perfectly and so, he or she can carry out a personalised attention and adapt the teaching-learning process to their needs. Furthermore, the students also receive classes from language, music and new technologies specialists.

In Primary ISP we offer our students a study plan whose aim is to turn them into curious people who learn, grow up and develop through a methodology that boosts that curiosity. All this is favoured by a homely atmosphere, combined with excellent facilities and a great enhancement due to extracurricular activities.


We invite you to read this section of the website to discover the International Primary School Peniscola and our Education Project for this stage.