ISP Primaria



The facilities of the International Primary School Peniscola are surrounded by nature. There is a building with the classrooms and the natural environment is also a place for learning, thus boosting the intellectual development of the students.


The students use the first floor of the building Neo. It is a modern building with large windows that allow the entrance of sunlight. This fact, along with the garden area of the central corridor, creates a natural and welcoming environment that encourages learning.

Pasillo central primaria

The students of International Primary School Peniscola have a classroom for each course, equipped with projector, interactive whiteboard, sound system, air conditioning and a piano. An environment full of resources that offers multiple learning experiences.

Furthermore, there is a large cinema room where they watch English audiovisual content in accordance with their age, the library where reading is encouraged and large playgrounds where they can relax and be in contact with students of other courses. During rainy days or in order to carry out specific activities, there is a large sports centre available inside the school.