10 REASONS TO CHOOSE International School Peniscola

10 Reasons to choose International School Peniscola


  • Relief, as there is no need to change center from the age of 0 to 18:

Colegios International School Peniscola are made up of ISP Baby Garden, ISP Infantil, Primary ISP, Secondary ISP, ISP Bachillerato. The students have the possibility of joining at the age of 4 months and finishing their education close up to university.

  • Personalised attention to the needs of the students and the families:

International School Peniscola are capable of individually adapting their resources to the specific needs of each family at any time.

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  • Emotional education:

The emotional education is a constant and permanent education process which tries to boost the emotional development as an essential complement to the cognitive development, both being essential elements in the comprehensive development of our students.

  • English:

With our English programme from the age of 4 months, the students who start in ISP Baby Garden  finish their studies in International School Peniscola with a Cambridge official certificate at B2 or C1 level.

  • Comprehensive education – curricular improvement:

Throughout the school day several activities are carried out within the programme of curricular improvement, which encourages the comprehensive development of the student.


  • Professionalism of the team with a warm atmosphere:

International School Peniscola is an organisation of a professional nature but it gives warm and close treatment to each student and their families.

  • Involvement, availability and continuous search for the improvement on the part of the teaching team:

The goals of the students and the needs of the families of International School Peniscola are the highest priority for our team, and because of that, we focus on improving constantly in order to reach their goals.

  • Interaction among students of different ages:

Each one of the stages that are part of International School Peniscola provides a special richness to the others, as they interact among them when different activities are carried out.

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  • Social harmony

Thanks to the natural and calm environment of International School Peniscola, the social harmony among students creates the appropriate conditions for learning.

  • Facilities designed for learning:

We have modern facilities designed in order to create an appropriate learning environment with sunlight, surrounded by fields, and to encourage outdoor learning activities.

10 Reasons to choose International School Peniscola.