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Facilities Colegios ISP

Students in International School Peniscola benefit from a educational complex of 10,000m2 with excellent facilities which are constantly being improved and provide a dynamic and rewarding academic life. The center is located among privileged surroundings with fields, where it is possible to breathe fresh air and to have sunlight in all classrooms in a private and safe area for the students.


In 2008 the building NEO was built, where there are the students of Primary and Secondary school. It’s a modern building designed for education, in order to provide an environment that combines sunlight and nature and to create the ideal room conditions for learning. Furthermore, it is equipped with cutting edge technology at the service of teachers and students in each class.

Parcela Neo Aire-verde

Ágora building

In the school year 2018/2019 the building Ágora will be opened, a new building designed keeping in mind a pre-university view in order to improve the maturity and independence of the student. Thus, they change from high school to University in a natural way and students get used to the new way of studying, without huge effort during the first year of university.