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Bits of Intelligence

¿What are the Bits of Intelligence?

According to their creator, Glen Doman, the Bits of Intelligence are “units of information that are presented to children in an adequate way”.

The Bits of Intelligence are units of information, presented in the form of cards together with sound, which suppose a specific visual and auditory stimulus that the brain can process, give meaning to and keep. It is a learning methodology based on the stimulation of the brain so as to help the child create neuronal connections, which is very important in these early ages.

Among their benefits, the ones that stand out are the creation of neuronal connections, the fact that they train attention, they are the natural way of learning through observation, playful learning, visual and auditory development, and they improve the memory and the meaningful learning when the child takes the leading role of the learning process.

Bits 2

In ISP Baby Garden we use the Bits of Intelligence in a playful and progressive way. In short sessions of approximately 10 minutes, the students obtain all the benefits described above. In addition, we also have sessions of Bits in English, therefore students acquire notions of this language without noticing it, such as their mother tongue.