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Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities

The concept of Qualityme appeared with the idea that students can carry out academic, music or sport activities in which they are interested, during the period of their typical school day. This way, when they leave school they can spend the rest of the day with their families or friends, so time outside school is quality time for the families or for the students. In this way, they save time moving to other places outside school and practising the Qualityme in the afternoons.

The extracurricular activities are the ideal complement to the comprehensive education of the student.

The school suggests extracurricular activities from 8 to 9:15h, from 12:30 to 14:45h and from 16:15 to 17h in periods of 45 minutes. 

You can find the different extracurricular activities, as well as timetables and prices, in this website.

Extracurricular activities Baby Garden El Peixet


One major advantage that our students find is the possibility to enjoy their sport or music hobbies in the center, among their usual school day and that they don’t need to spend time after school in order to practise them.

Equally, the students can do their homework or attend support classes in the established schedule so they don’t need to spend that time at home after a long school day.

There are also some activities aimed at parents of children, in the same schedule indicated above, putting into practice the concept Qualityme.


Extra hours – Playroom

  • Precio 25€ (Mensual)


  • Precio Consult€ (Mensual)


  • Precio 30 / 40€ (Mensual)