ISP Bachillerato



International School Peniscola Bachillerato has facilities designed for learning at these ages. The students use the second floor of the building Neo. It is a modern building with large windows that allow the entrance of sunlight. This fact, along with the garden area of the central corridor, creates a natural and welcoming environment that encourages learning. In the near future, they will also enjoy the facilities of the future building Agora, a building reserved for the students of Secondary and Bachillerato with modern learning spaces, studios and laboratories specifically designed for education.


The students of International School Peniscola Bachillerato have a classroom for each course, equipped with projector, interactive whiteboard, sound system and air conditioning. An environment full of resources that offers multiple learning experiences.

Instalaciones bachillerato

Furthermore, there is a laboratory where they carry out practical experiments of the field of sciences, a technology workshop, the library where reading is encouraged and large playgrounds where they can relax and be in contact with students of other courses. During rainy days or in order to carry out specific activities, there is a large sports centre available inside the school. There they will carry out the regular activities on rainy days, the specific activities that can only be done there or it will have the purpose of being the events hall, the place where we can perform our celebrations.