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Admissions ISP Summer Camp

Admissions ISP Summer Camp

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ISP Summer Camp is a real reward for the effort of the school year and allows to maintain the routines and habits acquired throughout the course. A time to meet new friends or enjoy with classmates. A Summer Camp where students improve their English, prepare for official exams in Cambridge, use new technologies to carry out various projects and practice a lot of sport. A Summer camp adapted to each of the educational stages.

We will contact you to resolve any questions you may have and formalize your child’s enrollment in the ISP Summer camp.

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Week 1: from 22 of june to 26 of juneWeek 2: from 29 of june to 3 of july.Week 3: from 6 of july to 10 of july.Week 4: from 13 of july to 17 of july.Week 5: from 20 of july to 24 of july.Week 6: from 27 of july to 31 of july.

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