Summer Camp

ISP Baby Garden

Summer camp

ISP Baby Garden

Exclusive Summer Camp for students from P0 to P2, in which it is included:


In the Center we consider that it is highly advisable so that the child feels comfortable and confident, to continue doing and to maintain several routines acquired throughout the school year.

For that, throughout the summer, the same teachers that they have had in the school year, will continue with their usual classes, strengthening the programmes of speech stimulation, which are very beneficial for children who live together with 3 different languages. Furthermore, they start being in touch with the teachers for the next school year, in order to start in September confidently and calmly.

Piscina P1


As it is very important for every language to be in daily contact with it, our daily classes in English are maintained likewise throughout the school year, but outlining the classes in a way that is more enjoyable, so that students put the knowledge acquired throughout the school year to practice, and they are encouraged to speak English in a natural way.


The swims in their respective swimming pools complete the summer activities of our students. Some periods of time in the playground are replaced by some time in the swimming pools.


During the summer months we continue doing the activities and routines as throughout the school year, although they are a bit more enjoyable and we include the swims in the swimming pools.


Swimming classes are optional at the age of P2, but they are mandatory for the students of the next courses, since we consider them necessary for a comprehensive education.