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From the second term of P1 on, our teachers of ISP Baby Garden evaluate students constantly throughout the academic year, making use of specific objectives. These objectives are assessed by carrying out some activities in groups or individually and/or through asking questions.

The grades are based on the initial objectives of the learning process, which are organised in 3 different areas: Sense of Identity and Autonomy, Discovery of the Physical and Social Environment and Communication and Representation.

There are official meetings with the parents throughout the academic year, however the teacher can ask for additional meetings if necessary. Parents can also ask for a meeting with the teacher during their weekly interview hours. Whenever it is felt appropriate or they feel worry or have any question, parents can request an interview through Alexia, via web or app.

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The assessment reports are sent home each term and are based on the initial objectives of the learning process, classified into 3 different areas as stated above. The grades are: objective achieved, not achieved, in process or worked. Parents can strengthen these objectives at home or check that the student has actually achieved them.

It is important to remember that children develop at different rates, which does not indicate the presence of any kind of problem. Throughout the course, if our team detects that a student needs additional support, the parents will be called for a meeting in order to let them know and to take the necessary measures.