ISP Secundaria

ISP Secundaria


We are going to present the next education stage of ISP. International Secondary School Peniscola is one of our main challenges, as students aged between 12 and 16 access there.

The Secondary School (known in Spanish as ESO) is a decisive stage in a student’s life. The students gradually discover which areas are the ones that they like or in which they have innate abilities. We accompany our students in this journey that will lead them in the future to define their personality, their competences or their possible jobs.

In order to achieve that, we try to improve our curriculum with a wide education, giving them the possibility to improve their abilities of the English language through different education programmes such as the stays abroad or the graduation from the dual diploma: Spanish bachillerato and American diploma.

Additionally, we complete the educative aspects with emotional programmes in order to help them understand the changes that characterize the adolescent stage and to teach them how to manage and direct their emotions to succeed.

When they finish the Secondary stage, showing attitudes of effort and self-improvement, the students achieve such a notable maturity on the academic, social and emotional level that it will let them face successfully their goals.

We invite you to read this section of the website in order to discover International Secondary School Peniscola and the different programmes that students can apply for.

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