1 day at school



In the ISP Baby Garden there are some special days in which different festivities of our zone are celebrated. Students live intensively these days and are provided with another stimulus for their comprehensive development. Thanks to these extra stimuli, students receive visits from different people, animals or they do carry out activities with their family.

These special days or celebrations are:

  • Castañera.
  • Santa Claus.
  • Christmas Festival.
  • Sant Antoni.
  • Carnival.
  • Family Day.


Students receive the visit of the Castañera. She gives them chestnuts from the mountains and tells them when the beginning of autumn is. After the visit and after asking them about their behaviour in class, she gives them a small cone full of chestnuts in order to take them home.

Santa Claus

Students receive the visit of Santa Claus, who collects their letters and gift requests if they have been good children throughout the year. The students live Santa Claus’ visit with enthusiasm.

Christmas Festival

Students of P2 are the smallest ones who participate in the Christmas festival, which is the main reason for being the main protagonists. Students have real fun when they visit the building of the older students and see that all students and their families watch their performance.

Sant Antoni

In order to celebrate Sant Antoni, students from ISP Infantil can bring their animals at school and share their pets with their classmates. Students from ISP Baby Garden can see them because of the kindness of their schoolmates.


Students love dressing up and having fun celebrating this festivity, which is very important in some towns around the area.

Family Day

On this day we celebrate the importance of families in the education of the children and we invite them to spend some afternoon time with them and to enjoy different activities along with their children.