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Dining room and kitchen

Dining room and kitchen

International School Peniscola have their own kitchen with the aim of giving a healthy, balanced and quality diet for all their students.

All the menus of the ISP Baby Garden have been studied and approved. The kitchen chief is responsible for supervising the process since the moment that the food is bought until its elaboration, following the ideals of the Mediterranean diet and, at the same time, to the liking of the students.

The students aged from 0 to 2 have a menu adapted to their needs. Given that the majority of them are learning to eat solid food, their first dishes are grinded and, according to pediatric advice, they alternate vegetables, meat, eggs and fish, so that their diet is varied and healthy.

The students of ISP Baby Garden have their own dining room and are constantly supervised by teachers. Little by little, their diet varies so as to include solid food and boost their maturity and dependence according to the pace of each child.

For students who can already eat solid food, the second dish is accompanied with salad or vegetables. Fruit is offered every day as a dessert, offering it to them fresh and prepared, so it is easier for them to include it in their habits. We want that our students acquire the habit of eating fruit on a daily basis from this early age on.