ISP Infantil

ISP Infantil


In ISP Infantil, the students aged 3-5 are educated. It is a space with self-identity in International School Peniscola because of the importance of laying the bases of the process of teaching-learning so that the students face successfully the next stage.

ISP Infantil is made up of the courses of P3, P4 and P5. Each course counts on a teacher and an assistant teacher, who meet the needs of the students in a personalised way. Furthermore, the students also receive classes from language, music and new technologies specialists, as well as from other areas.

Classes are oriented to the east with a huge shared playground, which provides a sunny and warm environment. This, along with the personal attention of the team of ISP Infantil, allow that students feel in a nice, loving and happy environment. These features provide the ideal environment to acquire the habits and routines, knowledge and abilities of this stage of the student’s development.

In ISP Infantil, the children socialise, play and learn; with the aim of acquire the habits, routines, knowledge and abilities that will help them achieve a comprehensive development.


We invite you to read this section of the website to discover ISP Infantil and the importance we give to education in these early ages.