ISP Infantil

BITS/ Emotional Education

BITS/ Emotional Education

The emotional education is a constant and permanent education process which tries to boost the emotional development as an essential complement to the cognitive development, both being essential elements in the development of the global personality.

In order to achieve that, we suggest the development of emotional knowledge and abilities with the purpose of preparing the person to face everyday life challenges correctly. All of this has the aim to improve the personal and social well-being.


In International School Peniscola we understand that the emotional education is a constant and permanent education process, because it has to be present throughout all the academic curriculum and throughout all life.


The Emotional Education is present in all the stages, from Baby Garden El Peixet until ISP Bachillerato.

Educacion emocional 2

In this stage of ISP Infantil (children aged 3 to 5), the emotional development of the children is based especially on the awareness of themselves and the social rules and values. As well, in the stage from 3 to 5 years old, children start to control their emotions, which are every time more complex.

The emotional development is especially focused on the ability -each time greater- of expressing emotions and on their understanding and control. The emotion of fear appears, such as fear of the dark or imaginary monsters, which is related to the development of thinking in this stage. They also develop the ability to imagine, anticipate danger…

In this school we educate the students so that they understand and control those emotions and that they know that some situations cause certain emotions. We want to add that around the age of 3-4, children are able to hide their emotions in certain situations. Thus, it is necessary to receive emotional education so that they can communicate this emotions and set the bases for the emotional control, which will be consolidated over the time.In ISP Infantil we also count on the BITS program, with which children had started working in the previous stage, in ISP Baby Garden.