ISP Infantil



The facilities of International School Peniscola are designed to foster the learning in this age period. These facilities are not remodelled for this purpose, but from the beginning we kept children in mind in order to design and make the decisions which would result in their construction.


Students from El Peixet School have 5 classrooms for them, equipped with projector, interactive whiteboard and sound system. An environment full of resources that offers multiple learning experiences.

Instalaciones el peixet school
Instalaciones El Peixet School 2

They also have a large outdoor terrace, facing east, which allows, even in winter, students can enjoy outdoor learning to be sheltered from the wind and enjoy the sun and natural light throughout the school day .

Finally, they have a large patio equipped with “a bus”, swings and slides, where they can have fun and socialize with the companions of the different courses of ISP Infantil. In the courtyards there is a surface of gravel, classified as the safest surface, since in case of stumbling, falling or having a small accident the gravel dampens the blow and the child leaves unharmed, happy and happy.