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Preparation for the future

Preparation for the future

The students of International School Peniscola Bachillerato are lively, creative and they wish to learn. Consequently in our center we prepare some activities outside the curriculum in order to meet our students’ needs and to bring them opportunities, so that they can choose what they want for their future having as much information as possible.

In International School Peniscola Bachillerato we have the programme Orienta’t. With it, students have the possibility to go for trips to some of the universities where they may go for their next education stage. This experience bring students closer to the experience they will have in the next stage and motivate them to gain maximum efficiency in their classes.

Orienta't 2

Thanks to this programme, several professionals of different specialisation fields carry out talks at school. This talks are given by different professionals such as architects, lawyers, doctors, auditors, pharmacists or doctorates in philosophy or philology. The professionals narrate how they obtained their job and the students can ask them any question or concern they may have. These experiences are very important for the students, so that they can choose their future job.