Academic System

Psycho-pedagogical/Guidance Department

Psycho-pedagogical/Guidance Department

The students of International School Peniscola have at their disposal the personal advising and attention of a Psycho-pedagogical Department throughout all the education stages. The main objective is to offer a process of global education and the fact that our students are not only excellent students, but also great people.

It is true that in the last stages, the priority of our students and their families is focused on the access to university and as a result, ISP has established different strategies aimed at success and the academic and personal excellence.

One of these work strategies is aimed at monitoring the academic evolution of all our students. This follow up help us detect possible learning difficulties and establish strategies that help them overcome the difficulties. In order to achieve that, throughout this stage the tutorisation and advising system of our Psycho-pedagogical Department is useful for supervising regularly their personal and academic progress, taking into account the trinomial made up of families, students and teachers. This way, they will be able to overcome each challenge of the new education stage they face.


The second course of action is aimed at the academic and professional guidance. Making use of the programme ORIENTA’T, which is a programme designed by the center, students are brought closer to the working world. The Guidance Department plans and develops different types of activities such as talks carried out by professionals of different specialisations, visits to fairs where university studies are offered, as well as university fairs, personal interviews and vocational tests. The purpose is that our students come to responsible decisions regarding their future outside ISP.