ISP Primaria



International Primary School Peniscola is made up of a team of teachers whose main objective is to help students develop academically, socially and emotionally, through a personalised attention that allows them to meet the specific educational needs of each student and to act in coordination with the family, in order to gain maximum efficiency in the teaching-learning process.


atencion individualizada primaria
objetivos 2

In order to achieve the main objective, in International Primary School Peniscola, we work every day to develop in each student some objectives, which go in parallel with the official curriculum. These are:

  • We seek for the happiness of our students
  • To feel a friendly and warm atmosphere at school, where they can develop their social skills and their emotional wellbeing is boosted.
  • We adapt the teaching process to the personal needs of each student.
  • We use methodology in which interest in learning is encouraged, different skills of our students are boosted and the multiple intelligences of each student are respected.