1 Day at school



In the Secondary stage the students of 4th ESO are differentiated. We think that these students are mature and responsible people, this is why we ask them to respect our formal dress code. This ensures that the focus is always into learning, since if a student comes inappropriately dressed, he or she will not be allowed to enter the classroom. It is about showing them an appearance according to the maturity and responsibility acquired, because they are the image and reference of International School Peniscola.

The students of 4th ESO will have to attend classes with dark long trousers, white shirt and blue blazer. A discreet clothing but adequate to their comfort and age.

Until 3rd ESO the students always have to wear the complete uniform. All the articles of the uniform are sold in the school store.

  • Sport – September, October, May and June:

Sport shorts, sport short-sleeved shirt, short maroon socks, white trainers.

  • Sport – From November to April:

Long-sleeved tracksuit, sport long-sleeved shirt, short or long maroon socks, white trainers.

  • Uniform – September, October, May and June:

Blue shorts/blue pinafore, blue short-sleeved polo shirt/blue short-sleeved polo-neck jumper, maroon short or long socks, maroon jacket (if necessary), parka/vest (if necessary), navy blue school shoes.

  • Uniform – From November to April:

Navy blue trousers/blue pinafore, blue long-sleeved polo shirt/blue long-sleeved polo-neck jumper, maroon short or long socks/maroon leotard or maroon high socks, maroon jacket, navy blue parka, navy blue school shoes.