Dining room and kitchen

Dining room and kitchen

International School Peniscola have their own kitchen with the aim of giving a healthy, balanced and quality diet for all their students.

All the menus of ISP have been studied and approved. The kitchen chief is responsible for supervising the process since the moment that the food is bought until its elaboration, following the ideals of the Mediterranean diet and, at the same time, to the liking of the students.

The teachers who are with the students in the dining room prepare the food in the trays of the students, giving them three dishes: first dish, second dish and dessert. Furthermore, they supervise that they eat everything, taking notes if there is any anomaly. If any food problem, they tell their parents on the same day, through the platform Alexia, so as to solve it.

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The students have a menu adapted to their needs, according to pediatric advice, they alternate vegetables, meat, eggs and fish, so that their diet is varied and healthy.

Fruit is offered every day as a dessert and as a mid-morning snack, offering them the whole fruit progressively, so it is easier for them to include it in their food habits. We want that our students acquire the habit of eating fruit on a daily basis from this early age on.

Diets are adapted individually to students according to allergy or medical criteria. Just say it to the bus staff or to the person in charge of the entrance to the center: that for medical reasons this day a concrete student needs a special diet. Our kitchen staff will the prepare a menu adapted to their needs.