1 Day at school



The use of the school uniform at school has the objective of developing values such as:

  • Promotion of the school discipline.
  • Reduction of discrimination and pressures among students. With the uniform, all the children are equal and they do not judge their classmates because of the clothes they wear.
  • Uniforms prevent students from getting distracted by aspects that are not related to their studies, such as fashion.
  • The use of uniform helps children to feel more identified with the school


Furthermore, it is a logistical advantage, since children can go to school dressed with uniform and they do not need to prepare a different piece of clothing each day.

Uniforme primaria 2
  • Sport – September, October, May and June:

Sport shorts, sport short-sleeved shirt, short maroon socks, white trainers.

  • Sport – From November to April:

Long-sleeved tracksuit, sport long-sleeved shirt, short or long maroon socks, white trainers.

  • Uniform – September, October, May and June:

Blue shorts/blue pinafore, blue short-sleeved polo shirt/blue short-sleeved polo-neck jumper, maroon short or long socks, beige jacket (if necessary), parka/vest (if necessary), navy blue school shoes.

  • Uniform – From November to April:

Navy blue trousers/blue pinafore, blue long-sleeved polo shirt/blue long-sleeved polo-neck jumper, maroon short or long socks/maroon leotard, beige jacket, navy blue parka, navy blue school shoes.