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Curricular improvement

Curricular improvement

Learning in the stage of International School Peniscola Infantil is reinforced and improved with a wide range of experiences that the students get inside and outside their usual learning zones. Students have regular contact with students that come from later stages. This fact enhances both younger students and older students, who enjoy a lot looking at the littlest children of the school. They also go to the school vegetable garden, the library or the Neo building or the climbing wall. They enjoy nearby trips, celebrations and special days: Castañera, Christmas, Carnival…

Interaccion cursos
Clase Ipads

In the curriculum we have added the English as the common language in some areas, which improves a natural learning of this language, practically without noticing it.

They have a daily class of iPads, in which they learn how to use the so-called new technologies for us, but for them are just technologies.

They have sessions of programming in the iPads, adapted to their age. They have fun and at the same time organise the logical-mathematical thinking.

From P4 on, our students have chess sessions and they learn to solve problems playing, they improve their memory and their creativity.

We have also added the Dalcroze Eurhythmics, in which some activities are designed. They encourage them to play with rhythmic elements and the improvisation of sounds and movements as a way of personal expression. They focus on the importance of experimentation as the way of learning and the development of creativity.

The integration of rhythm, body movement and rhythmic expressions in Pre-school, all develop the ability of expression and communication from an active music experience.

All these real experiences, as a complement of the education indicated by the Official Curriculum of Conselleria, exceptionally improve the education of our students.