Academic system



The curriculum of International School Peniscola Infantil is the Official Curriculum given by “Conselleria d’Educació” and we enhance it with an Education Project of our own, constantly improved with more than 25 years of experience. In this stage, in ISP Infantil, the student lives together with the different programmes of stimulation applied in the center:


  •       Sensory stimulation and development of attention, observation and memory.
  •       Speech stimulation.
  •       Glenn Doman’s Early Learning Method (Bits of Intelligence).
  •       Stimulation of the Multiple Intelligences. In this early stage of the learning process it is crucial to develop socialisation, oral communication and body language, as well as the logical and mathematical thinking.
Hábitos y rutinas El Peixet School

At this stage, it is expected to encourage children’s autonomy with the acquisition of

routines and habits that provide children of that age with self-confidence.


As well at this stage, our students are in contact with the English language daily, therefore they learn in a natural and enjoyable way, without effort, with bilingual specialised teachers.