Academic system

Psycho-pedagogical Department

Psycho-pedagogical Department

In International School Peniscola Infantil both teachers and the speech therapist of the centre work together, so the Psycho-pedagogical Department is present every day. The aim of this cooperation is to assist and care the child’s development from early ages and to supply the resources and support needed in order to achieve a development as balanced as possible.

Another task of the Psycho-pedagogical Department of ISP is to act as consultant to teachers and parents regarding the difficulties that some students have when controlling their behaviour or assuming the rules, while they develop independence and autonomy.


Speech therapist

The speech therapist of the school plays an important role in the development of speech, assisting and monitoring each child individually, and cooperates with teachers, speech therapists and the Psycho-pedagogical Department in order to ensure the adequate comprehensive development of the child.