Academic System



The team of teachers of International Secondary School Peniscola carry out a continuous evaluation of the students throughout the school year by observations and mid-term exams of the established curricular content.

The qualifications are gathered in the report, which is sent directly to the families each term both in paper and through the App Alexia.

At the end of the academic course, the teaching team of Secondary ISP, made up of the teachers of each student and coordinated by their tutor, will appreciate their evolution in all the subjects and their academic and personal maturity regarding the objectives of the stage, as well as their progress possibilities in higher studies.

Evaluacion Secundaria ISP
Alexia familias

There are official parent meetings during the academic year although the teacher may request additional meetings if necessary. Parents can request a meeting with the teacher during their assigned weekly schedule for interviews. Whenever they consider it appropriate or have any concern or question they can request the interview through the Alexia system, via web or app.

Throughout the course, if our team detects that a student needs additional support, parents will be summoned to be knowledgeable and take appropriate measures.