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Curricular improvement

Curricular improvement

Learning in the stage of International Secondary School Peniscola is reinforced and improved with a wide range of experiences that the students get inside and outside their usual learning zones.

There is the Literature Week and the Science Week, in which the students make use of the project approach or work cooperatively to do project that will then be exhibited to the families when they visit the center.

Another possibility is the participation in the sport teams of Colegios ISP. The students can compete against other schools in some sports (football and basketball). The students gain then competitive experiences and consequently acquire some skills which will be very useful for their professional future.

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Furthermore, our students can go out of the school environment with their classmates in order to celebrate the end of the classes. The trips consist of staying overnight and visiting some of the most important cities of Spain (Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Majorca – Palma).

Another option offered is the participation in the Semana Blanca so as to spend some days in Andorra, learning to ski and enjoying the town’s charm.

We offer and organise language immersion experiences in Ireland or Canada, which can be applied for by all the students of Secondary ISP, through language programmes supported by their competitiveness degree.

All trips are organised so that students develop different skills. They are an incredible opportunity to improve personal skills such as independent learning, self-management, communication, teamwork, solving problems and leadership skills. Furthermore they create links between students and teachers that are difficult to achieve in the everyday environment of the classroom.

All these real experiences, as a complement of the education indicated by the Official Curriculum of Conselleria, exceptionally improve the education of our students.