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Dual Diploma

Dual Diploma

In International School Peniscola we offer the possibility to obtain a double qualification. Among the multiple benefits that the programme offers, one of them is the fact that a student can access practically any university in the world. The Dual Diploma programme starts in 2nd or 3rd ESO, so in 1st year of the Spanish Bachillerato, the American part will be already done. This way, the students have all the second year of Bachillerato in order to face successfully the university entrance examination, which establishes their future decisions.

It is a double qualification: Spanish and American. 75% of the subjects are recognised, as they are equivalent in both studies, and the students will have to do the remaining 25% of subjects, which cannot be recognised, as they are specifically American, for example: History. This 25% is equal to 6 credits, 6 areas which are divided throughout 4 years. 1 in 2nd ESO, 2 in 3rd ESO and 4th ESO and one more in 1st bachillerato. If a student starts the programme in 3rd ESO, in 1st bachillerato he or she will have to pass 2 areas of the American programme.

The American part is completely done online, with an American native teacher making use of a virtual platform, the same way as a distance university does.

In addition to the Dual Diploma, the programme offers a real language immersion, as everything is in English. A technology, maturity and work responsibility immersion, since the students are the main protagonists of this programme and they are in charge of making video-conference calls, sending emails, setting appointments, dealing with deadlines and suiting timetables with the teacher from USA.

In International Secondary School Peniscola we accompany the students through this road to maturity with a weekly session at school, in which a teacher helps them if they have any doubt on the language, the content or the virtual platform.

In addition to the double qualification, we must outline that the students that participate in this programme are already used to work as in a university, so the step from high school to university is done in a natural, mature and responsible way.