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Curricular improvement

Curricular improvement

The curriculum of International Primary School Peniscola includes an area of Information and Communication Technology, where typing and the use of iPads become very relevant. In the class of Typing, they acquire this indispensable skill in a technological world.

With the iPads, students learn how to use the electrical devices, so that they understand that they are a practical and very effective tool for achieving meaningful learning, highlighting that they are not only for entertainment. At the end of the Primary stage, they start working on some notions of office IT, the use of mail, documents… all of them essential for the next stage.

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Interaccion alumnos

Furthermore, the learning in the Primary stage of International School Peniscola is improved and enhanced with a great range of experiences that the students acquire inside and outside their usual learning areas. Regularly, the students are in contact with students from previous and later stages, which is a fact that enhances both younger students and older students, who enjoy a lot looking at the littlest and oldest children of the school.


The students make use of the project approach or work cooperatively when they do projects that will be exhibited during the Literature Week and the Science Week for their families.

After having lunch and before starting with the afternoon classes, the students of Primary school take part in several extracurricular activities: they visit the ecological vegetable garden, they go to the library or they take chess classes. They can also participate in English conversation classes in which they amusingly gain self-confidence when it comes to speak that language.

In addition, trips close to the school are organised to bring our students closer to their surroundings. These trips also enhance their learning process. Equally, we celebrate special days in which the families of our students are invited to take part and collaborate (Castañada, charity market at Christmas, hot chocolate party in Fallas, Family Day…)

All these real experiences, as a complement of the education indicated by the Official Curriculum of Conselleria, exceptionally improve the education of our students.

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