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The curriculum of International Primary School Peniscola is the Official Curriculum of the “Conselleria d’Educació, Investigació, Cultura i Esport”, improved with an Education Project of our own constantly improved, which has more than 12 years of experience.

Students start the Primary stage in International Primary School Peniscola mastering reading and writing and the mathematical calculation, all of them worked in ISP Infantil. This fact allows make progress in the contents established by the official curriculum for these subjects, thus avoiding the risk of the boredom or monotony of repeating concepts already acquired. Increasing the level of demand makes our students to be highly motivated, showing a constant high level of curiosity and interest. The first courses of this stage are essential to create adequate work and study habits.

curriculum primaria
Curriculum primaria2

The learning of the English language is enhanced by the classes of Social Science, Natural Science, iPads and Arts & Crafts in English, in addition to their daily English class.

In this stage we also combine different education methodologies and we try to adapt each one to the basics of our Education Project and our students, without being enclosed in a single methodology.

The aim of our education system is to prepare excellent students but most of all to prepare excellent people, which is the main important thing. For that, on the one hand it is essential to develop a system of values based on respect and tolerance. On the other hand, it is fundamental that we count on the collaboration with the families and the creation of a demanding school environment where effort and responsibility is encouraged.

Cambridge Official Exams

According to the Bologna Process regarding university studies, it is required to have a level B1 (PET) certificate before completing any degree, and in some cases it is necessary to achieve a B2 (FCE). That is why we think that all students that have reached these levels ought to set an exam in International School Peniscola and to obtain the official certificates of Cambridge in the center. Cambridge certificates are the most recognised ones in the international level when it comes to the recognition of linguistic requirements, admission of students and credit convalidation.

On the path, there are several exams that establish the progression to reach this objective. Furthermore, they get used to the tests, which are very useful when it comes to facing any future exam of a foreign language.

The students of Primary school can sit for the Cambridge exams aimed to children (Cambridge Young Learners). It is a very positive way to get started in the official exams. The exams cover the four linguistic skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in three different levels (Starters, Movers and Flyers).

  • Starters: aimed at students of 2nd Primary School
  • Movers (A1): aimed at students of 4th Primary School
  • Flyers (A2) or KET (A2): aimed at students of 6th Primary School

Cambridge provides an official certificate to all the children that sit for the exam, in which the level achieved by the students in each part of the test is stated.

Regarding the KET (A2), the English teachers are who recommend which students can sit for the exam in order to ensure successful results.

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