Academic System

Psycho-pedagogical Department

Psycho-pedagogical Department

The Psycho-pedagogical Department of International School Peniscola monitors the academic and social progress of all the students, no matter in which stage they are. In the International Primary School Peniscola, the Psycho-pedagogical Department works rigorously with the teachers of this stage in order to detect and help students with special educational needs. This work is done by helping them in class or working in individual sessions.

With students that have speech or language difficulties or find it difficult to acquire learning skills, the Department provides personal sessions in order to meet the needs of each students if necessary.


The logopedist of the center also does a follow-up in the Primary stage of the development of those students that have speech or language difficulties.


We always inform families about the support received by their children and regular meetings are held in order to talk about the specific objectives of the students, the support given and the progress made.