Summer Camp

ISP Secundaria

Summer camp (Sports & Teen Summer)

ISP Secundaria

For the Sports & Teen Summer (ages from 13 to 16) we suggest the following combination of activities:


The main aim of this section is to maintain and consolidate all those notions or subjects that are more relevant throughout the course. Each day we will dedicate a period of time to strengthen subjects and do the summer homework.


As it is very important for every language to be in daily contact with it, our daily classes in English are maintained likewise throughout the school year, encouraging conversations in English about topics that students suggest with the aim to improve fluency, so they can be combined with the Intensive Campus for Cambridge Exam Preparation depending on ages, with listening, writing and speaking workshops.

Objetivos Secundaria
Escursion Summer camp


During the Sports & Teen Summer we will have a Sports Campus of football, basketball, baseball, handball, hockey, badminton and other water sports in the swimming pool or the beach such as water polo, volley, etc. After the Sports Campus, everyday they will have some time to cool themselves off in the swimming pool before having lunch.


Other workshops and trips:

We will do the following Clubs. Each week different activities will be suggested in each Club, which students can sign up for depending on their hobbies:

  • Sports & Adventure Club: sport activities, trips to the beach, climbing wall, gymkhana, etc.
  • Party Club: workshops of personal aesthetics, dancing, theatre, recycling, etc.
  • Media Club: video game competition, lan party, kenex, lego, etc.

In addition, we will go outside the school when we go for different types of trips:

  • Trips to the sports center of Peniscola to do different sports.
  • Trips to the Playa Norte beach in Peniscola (Peñismar) to do sport, go on a picnic, and take a swim in the sea.