Summer Camp

ISP Infantil

Summer Camp (Summer Kids)

ISP Infantil

For the Summer Kids we suggest the following combination of activities:

1- Routines:

The main aim of this section is to maintain and consolidate all those notions or subjects learnt throughout the course.


2- English:

As it is very important for every language to be in daily contact with it, our daily classes in English are maintained likewise throughout the school year, but outlining the classes in a more enjoyable way. In addition, we will have different Arts & Crafts workshops in English.


Rutinas El Peixet School Summer Camp
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3- Sports:

Throughout the Summer Kids we will have psychomotricity sessions, traditional games and an Intensive Sports Campus of football, basketball, baseball, handball, hockey and badminton, all of them adapted to the age of 3, 4 and 5. We will arrange a Summer Sports Olympics for parents and students.

We will also have swimming classes, as we consider them necessary for the comprehensive education of the students.

4- Other workshops:

For the Summer Camp of El Peixet School we have also planned workshops of personal aesthetics, visits to the ecological vegetable garden, environmental workshops and trips to the beach for the students of P5.